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Name:Brunwulf Bear-Claw
Birthdate:May 12


Brunwulf Bear-Claw is a Nord Dragonborn, who comes from just after the Greybeards have summoned the Dragonborn up to High Hrothgar. He has completed his Thu-um training and knows Unrelenting Force. His latest quest for the Greybeards is to find the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller. He is a Stormcloak, having joined the Stormcloaks in Windhelm soon after meeting Ralof of Riverwood. He helped Brunwulf escape the dragon at Helgen and find passage through a cave.

He is now residing within Windhelm, as this is the main base for the Stormcloaks and is the oldest city in Skyrim.


Brunwulf is a strong Nord, who is happy most when he is fighting for his lands and his people. He is not afraid to rebel against the Empire, who he believes are destroying what Skyrim truly is. He hates most elves, as most Nords and Stormcloaks do. The Thalmor are some of his greatest enemies, as he has run into a few of their Justiciars throughout Skyrim. He enjoys a good drop of mead or ale as any Nord does and loves to hunt when he can. He sees Ulfric Stormcloak as a hero of Skyrim, as he is a Stormclaok himself and wants to fight for the sons and daughters of Skyrim.

Brunwulf can be rather stubborn at times but does enjoy the odd joke. He is fiercely loyal to those around him and would die to defend his allies and friends. He cannot stand cowards who run away from battle or "milk drinkers" as they are known as.


- A steel greatsword
- A steel shield and sword
- A hunting bow and arrows
- A flagon and bottles of Honningbrew Mead
- Healing potions and ingredients for alchemy
- A steel dagger for hunting and skinning his prey
- Scaled armour, as this is his main choice of armour
- Horned helmet with scaled leather boots


- Thu-um or Shout. He has learned Unrelenting Force, after studying with the Greybeards
- He can wield his greatsword with skill and can sometimes do a finishing move on his enemies, such as decapitation.
- He can use sword and shield at times to defend himself against greater foes
- He has a spell, which can heal himself with.
- 50% Frost resistance, due to his Nord blood

Both mun and muse are over 18.

Interests (16):

axes, battle, dragoborn, dragons, drinking, greybeards, high hrothgar, hunting, nords, stormcloak rebellion, swords, thu-ums, ulfric stormcloak, whiterun, windhelm, women
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